What do I wear to my boudoir session?


Thats the beauty about boudoir! You wear whatever you feel youre most confident in! There are a ton of lingerie options out there, and remember, "a little means a lot." Whether its a body suit, lingerie set, or nothing but a pair of heels, my main focus is about comfort. Boudoir is to represent you as a person, represent your comfort level & bring out that special side of you. Boudoir is about loving your body, just as it is. So wear something that you feel both sexy in & confident. 


Do I have to go full nude for my session?


Absolutely not! Whatever your comfort level is, that is mine. I will never ask anyone to surpass what they want. This is your session. I'm just here to capture the beauty of you. 


I've never done a boudoir session before. How will I know how to pose?

Don't fret! There are lots of options to overcome this. First, thats also what I'm here for! I can help pose you, and pose with you. I'm always looking at every detail to make the images look their best. Second, research! There are lots of examples on the web! If you find poses that you like & want to try, I encourage you to bring it to our session! We'll use it as a reference and twist it to suit you. The key thing is to stay focused on why your boudoir session is important to you.

What is Lifestyle Photography? Whats the difference between Boudoir and Lifestyle Photography?

Boudoir is my primary specialization. Boudoir is a sense of sexiness, a sense of undressing and creating more of an intimate collection of images. These shoots are used to breaking down barriers and stepping into a new world of you. Its about loving who you are & loving your body just as it is. Boudoir is about celebrating your independence, femininity, and your soft side. The photos are more of a candid, raw and "un-posed" (all the while, we'll be posing the whole session.) The images are softly re-touched, keeping the natural beauty of you alive. Boudoir images generally focus on the details of the body like eyes, lips, breasts, back, bum & legs as well as incorporating full body poses including the face.

Lifestyle photography is more of a portrait session that is a  collection of photos of your everyday moments. Lifestyle photo sessions are more directed for couples or individuals who are looking for a different sense of intimate photos - without the intensity of a boudoir session. The outfits for a lifestyle session are whatever you feel comfortable in. I'm always here for help with outfit ideas - but generally I request light colours, pastels, 'light and airy' vibes. The portraits will always be full face, with soft posing & with common props to create a comforting, natural and relaxed look. The images, again, are softly re-touched to keep the natural beauty. Lifestyle photography has little to no limits to what can be included. Bring your furbabies, your favourite coffee mug, wine & wine glasses - anything! 

Do you ever photograph male boudoir?

Yes I have! And I can honestly say it is just as fun as shooting with women. Boudoir photography is for EVERY BODY. It does not judge on gender, race, sexual orientation or body type. 

Can I have someone at my session?

Absolutely! Having that best friend there can help calm your nerves and give you that boost of confidence before your session starts. 

Ive noticed that you don't use any faces on your social media. Why is that?

One word: Privacy. I am 100% keen on client confidentiality and will never post full face photos on my social media from a boudoir session. During our session, there will be lots of full face portraits done, and you will receive images that include your face. What you do with the images after they are in your possession is your prerogative, and if you desire to release the images on your social media, you go girl! I don't doubt that anyone who sees your images won't say "Daaaang girl you look amazing!" however, I will never publicly release any photos that include a clients full face. 

Whatever your story is, lets create some magic! Here at Diamond Studios, I'm here to make you speechless, while creating photos that are worth more than a thousand words

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