I think I know why you're here... and I'm proud to say that it is my job to help you unleash your bold, confident & sexy side, all while relaxing and having fun!  Unleashing the beauty that you feel on the inside & capturing it for all of time.

Boudoir is my favourite genre of photography, because there is always a reason to celebrate with a boudoir session. Getting married? Perfect wedding day gift! Been married for years? Perfect anniversary gift! Some lucky human will have something that they'll never be able to get from any store shelf, But the gifts don't necessarily have to be for anyone, but YOU!  Became a new Mama? Weight loss? Got away from a toxic relationship?   Be proud of YOU! Celebrate YOU!

Boudoir is for EVERY BODY. 

Oh hello beautiful......  

Whatever your story is, lets create some magic! Here at Diamond Studios, I'm here to make you speechless, while creating photos that are worth more than a thousand words

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London, Ontario, Canada
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