Oh hi there! I'm Shannon McCabe...

& I'm not good at 'About me' blurbs, so we'll see where this goes!

I've been passionate about photography as long as I can remember. I just love how you're taking that one moment, that one memory, and preserving it. 
When you're telling a memory to someone, you're expressing it to the best of your abilities to try and generate some sort of vision in your listeners mind, but with a photo, you create a much better sense of precision within that memory. And I love that. 


I have a lot of people ask me "why Diamond Studios" - well, it kind of stems back from working in the jewelry industry for 5 years. During my time working there, I did study up on gemstones. I love learning & learning more on the science of gemstones (diamonds in-particular) amazed me - and what I found most amazing is that diamonds don't actually shine, they reflect. A diamond is only as bright as its surroundings. Naturally, diamonds have inclusions and unique birth marks in them - but regardless of those 'imperfections' it still reflects to the best of its ability to its surroundings. And I thought to myself, as a photographer, the success of my business is only a reflection of how I am with my clients, how happy I make them, and how happy those photos make others feel when seeing them. So, I had to incorporate that into my business. It just felt like a natural connection. 

 Now, more non-photography facts about me. 
I'm originally not from the city of London - I'm from a small town called Shelburne! I've been in London since 2011 and I still find the city life very unfamiliar to me. I'm used to a much slower pace of life, which I'm not sure if that'll ever change about me.
I have 2 cats - who are basically the clingiest co-workers ever! Their names are Whispers and Ghost.

On my down time, I play World of Warcraft - so if any future clients are as well, tell me!! I love meeting fellow WoW players! I'm Alliance btw ;D

I'm always down to grab coffee or wine to chat about photography, life, random walks / hikes. I understand that I'm not everyones photographer, but I'm always here to answer questions, listen to fears & give my best advice. Whether you book with me or not, I just want every person to have the best experience while capturing their forevers!



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Whatever your story is, lets create some magic! Here at Diamond Studios, I'm here to make you speechless, while creating photos that are worth more than a thousand words

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