Whatever your story is, lets create some magic! Here at Diamond Studios, I'm here to make you speechless, while creating photos that are worth more than a thousand words

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How to get a hold of the 'camera girl'

London, Ontario, Canada


That amazing experience that I'm here to provide for you. Whether you're celebrating a huge milestone or yourself - you're ready!

Whats holding you back? I get it. Theres all the reasons. "I need to lose weight. I'm not sure how to pose. I feel silly. I'm not sexy" ... oh STOP. Stop wasting your time on earth being worried about such silly things. You have nothing to lose & everything to gain. 

I am going to be here, the whole time, guiding you through the entire session. I'm here for the toe points & the hair flips. Every little detail will be perfect! 

Don't let future you look back and say "I wish I did it" - JUST DO IT! 


For those 'everyday moments' to the 'huge milestones', I want to celebrate with you! I'm beyond blessed to have every lifestyle session to be unique and different to every client. 


I want to celebrate the new home renos, the engagements, the "first time parents" milestones with you! You did it! & I couldn't be happier to give you those forever physical memories.


Whats holding you back from documenting the small milestones? Social norms? Screw social norms. You just bought your first car - lets celebrate! Thats the beauty of lifestyle photo sessions - they're completely personal! Come at me with your crazy ideas - lets bring them to life!


Where do I even begin on my excitement for weddings. There is no greater feeling than having a couple approach me and want to document their big day. I honestly still get nervous, excited, overwhelmed with joy - the list is endless. Every emotion is on the table.

I love hearing all the love stories that you & your families share on your big day. The day where the whole world pauses just for a moment when you look at one another at the end of the aisle. The song that will always bring you back to that life changing moment. The "this is my forever" look in your partners eyes while they recite their vows. I love all of it.

11/10 chances that I'll cry tears of joy on your wedding day. 

Cozy Boudoir Minis

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